Eva's Story


Ever since I started going to Mission, I’ve tried to give money to the church now and then. But… there was always something inside me saying “You need to commit."  I kept pushing that feeling down and ignoring it. It was so easy for me to think that there were more “important” things to be spending money on. Then Mission started their Never The Same series and introduced the Commitment Cards. I felt that God wanted wanted me to commit to giving, but I kept thinking, “How? I don’t have a real job, I just babysit from time to time. How will I come up with the money?” So I prayed about it for a few weeks, and felt that God was calling to me to give $5 a week for a year. That number still doesn’t feel like a comfortable number, but I think that’s the point. It reminds me that I have to trust in God. So instead of spending all of the money I earn each time I babysit, I will set aside money to give to church, and know that God will do big things with it.

Mission Church