Kyle & Ally's Story


Over the past couple of years God has shown up in more ways we could’ve imagined. We never felt like we had a “left Ur” moment. God was just faithful, and we surrendered our trust. He has used so many faithful people in our lives through our trials and has shown grace more than we could have ever imagined.

Since the night we were on those buses and prayed over our church’s new home God had been stirring in us a number that He wanted & then there was a number that our bank account had wanted. One was about quadruple the other. The morning of commitment day we had decided and confirmed the number that was logical for US. We were comfortable with that number, and if God showed up when we weren’t giving, then He would continue to even if we gave “what we could.” But that’s not what Abrams story showed. During the service, I felt like I needed to write and verbalize to my husband that “we need to trust God.” He had shown up in huge ways even when we gave him nothing. When we were given the space during the service to write our commitments, God showed up one last time. One more heart-wrenching push. My husband & I didn’t speak any words, but yet we were feeling lead to do the same thing. We wrote that quadrupled number on the card, not knowing how God is going to make it work, but knowing He will because He has. We left have left Ur, and are terrified, to be honest. But we know God is faithful, and it’s time to go on this journey to be never the same.

God is seldom early, but never late. Even to the last second when decisions were already “set in stone.” God never stops pursuing our hearts for His mission.

Mission Church