Nick & Christine's Story

We realize that we just cannot thank God enough for the grace, love and mercy that He has poured into our lives. He has carried us through illness, financial concerns, and the everyday struggles and challenges that we have faced raising a family… and the list goes on. He has sustained us, carried us and given us victory! So, YES! We want to commit! But why through Mission Church?

It is because we have experienced a movement of The Spirit here at Mission in so many ways! I'll share just a few:

1) The Spirit moving through the teaching and preaching of God's Word. Our Pastors are so gifted! Challenging us to take that next step! To never be the same! Nick and I attend Formation and my daughter Brit and her friend Jose are in Alpha, and I'm in awe! Lives being transformed! Praise God!

2) The Spirit moving through our worship! I could run into church frazzled or with my mind in a hundred different places..and the team always reels me in! I can just leave everything outside the door and focus and worship with extremely talented and gifted people… meeting the Spirit, often moved to tears… in worship!

3) The Spirit moving through the generosity of this church to meet specific needs in the community. Nick and I were moved by the stories about the Holiday Gift Mart and the back packs! It is so awesome to see the Hands and Feet of Christ working in our community through Mission Church!

Lastly, 4) The Spirit moving in people who have a genuine love and concern for others, that we have been blessed to meet here at Mission. People who are passionate about living out their faith, sharing their stories and helping others find and follow Christ!

We feel blessed and privileged to be a part of it all! We want to see others in the 10 find and follow Christ! And that is a glimpse as to why we are committing tonight.

Mission Church