Steve & Stephanie's Story


To say we are excited about the "Never The Same" initiative would be an understatement - we are ecstatic!!  We have been attending Mission for about 6 years now, and watching how the church has continuously grown and then responded to this growth through careful, strategic faith led steps leading up to this BIG step has been a joy to witness and be a part of.  

While we give faithfully to Mission every week, the opportunity to give to this specific initiative is something that we haven't been taking lightly. As Jon mentioned, it definitely brings about mixed emotions.  It's "easy" to look at our budget and simply write down a number that WE will be comfortable with and that WE think "makes sense", but that is not what faith led giving looks like. This is a unique opportunity to ASK God what HE thinks we should give and in return, it not only pushes us out of our comfort zones (the only place growth happens), but also opens up an opportunity for fostering a deeper relationship with God. Ultimately, it's an act of obedience that shows Him we are trusting that he will use whatever number he makes clear to us to advance not only Mission church, but The 10 and ultimately His Kingdom.  

The permanence of our new home excites us on so many levels.  The sheer amount of NEW people that will visibly see Mission church is enough to excite anyone, but think about all the ways we can interact with, engage with and love on these new individuals and families in a permanent space.  Think of all the brain power and man hours that will be freed up not only on Sunday mornings, but throughout the week for Mission volunteers and staff to turn focus to individuals and families instead of logistics.  Think of the amount of space we can offer to local businesses and organizations to utilize for their own meetings or off site get togethers...sure it won't be a "Mission-led" event but the amount of people who will now know where we meet and get a sense of the comfort of our space is enough to plant seeds of curiosity that may flourish into a Sunday morning welcome.  This physical, permanent space represents new found faith, opportunity and HOPE to The 10.  How can you NOT be excited about that!?

Mission Church