Nate & Kelly's Story


When we reflect on the last decade plus of our marriage/lives there are some moments that changed the trajectory of our lives. Right up there with our daughters being born is getting introduced to and involved at Mission Church. Our spiritual growth/intentionality before being introduced to Mission was stagnant at best. It is hard to imagine our lives without Mission Church now. We are honored to be a part of what Jesus is doing through Mission. And it all came from one simple invite from a couple we had just met. But when they said, "we'd love for you to check Mission out. We meet at Stratford Middle School," we thought, "Really? We live right across the street from Stratford Middle School!"

Thinking about the Never The Same generosity initiative, we are overwhelmed with excitement and the prospect about more families being impacted for His Glory at our first permanent location. We've been prayerfully seeking as God about the role we can play as we know that God is going to use this new building to not only impact families but multiple generations to follow. We deeply desire to see our resources (our talents) multiplied. We know that the prayers we pray today over our new building will leave a ripple effect in His Kingdom. We know that when we choose to give sacrificially, we will never regret it as God will continue to provide for us and we have the privilege of playing a small but significant role in more people being able to say, "Oh that building in Stratford Square's parking lot. We know exactly where that is. We'd love to come check it out."

Mission Church