Ally's Story


There are few things that get my heart more excited than watching what the Lord does when we pray. What a sweet and gracious Saviour He is to take into account the words of His kids. With that said, I am pumped to see the Lord do what only He can do in this next season of our church! As able as the staff and people of Mission Church are, I get excited when we have moments where our own works and strength our simply not enough. It creates an increased dependency on the Spirit of Christ and allows us to trust Him more than we trust ourselves. Also, what a joy it will be to stand back with the finished product in front of us and be in complete awe and wonder of everything that the Lord had just done.

Having a permanent home goes far beyond a location - it's making a statement. We're not just saying here we are. But instead we're saying this is who we are. We are Jesus loving people who are committed to loving and encouraging one another as well as loving and serving The 10 and we are here to stay! That is what gets me most excited about this move.

Mission Church